Welcome to the Chief Nursing Officer Exchange

It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the Chief Nursing Officer Exchange. This Exchange is designed with you: Chief Nursing Officers, Chief Nursing Executives, and Senior Vice Presidents of Patient Care in mind. There are many events that are focused on hospitals and health care systems and the challenges they have faced, but these same challenges and topics differ from what many forward-thinking nursing executives are faced with.

Senior nursing executives understand that the role of the Chief Nursing Officer continues to evolve, particularly in light of health care reform and the passage of the Affordable Care Act. The tools, skill sets and leadership strategies necessary to improve quality and patient safety are critical to maintain a front line nursing staff that is prepared to keep up with shifts in demographics and changing health care needs. More leadership strategies are needed for meeting quality and safety targets; reduction in mortality; efficient care in acute care and post-discharge settings; reducing readmission rates; and overall patient satisfaction.

This exclusive two-day event is full of relevant topics gleaned from extensive research, market intelligence and feedback from senior nurse executives like you. This unique forum is reserved for those at the executive level with the desire to network with peers, learn and share best practices, and gain insight on common challenges that many nurse leaders are facing.

Some key issues that will be addressed throughout the Exchange include:

  • Implementing successful and ongoing retention procedures for nursing staff: in order to prevent or offset turnover and retirement
  • Creating a nursing culture that fosters diversity and continuing education: to create and maintain a workforce prepared to keep up with changes in health care models
  • Developing affiliations with for-profit nursing education providers: to keep up with the shortages in qualified nursing staff and faculty, and comply with Institute of Health recommendations that 80% of nursing staffs have BSN degrees
  • Implementing better patient and family engagement and continuum of care criteria through a robust patient feedback system: to reduce hospital readmissions and increase long term patient and family satisfaction
  • Planning and organizing leadership development programs by effecting behavioral changes in the front line nursing staff; enhancing coaching and accountability techniques, and consistently reviewing communication methodologies between nursing leadership and staff

Come prepared to listen, learn, participate and interact! Contact us today to learn how you can join this dynamic event. I look forward to hearing from you!


Rob Swartout
Program Director
Chief Nursing Officer Exchange

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